Price of treatment.

Price of initial osteopathic session is £50.00

This includes a full history regarding your problem as well as a medical overview, a full clinical assessment and treatment. This appointment is one hour long.

Price of any subsequent osteopathic sessions is £38.00

This is focused to ongoing treatment and rehabilitative exercise and usually lasts half an hour. If the osteopath requires more time he may choose to book a longer session. This is done at his discretion and has no additional charge. 

Price for Sports Massage is £60.00 per hour

A session of sports massage is one hour long as is focused to deep soft tissue techniques to help revive and restore the muscles. This can be very good as part of a training program to maintain muscle health between harder workouts. 

Cancellation Policy

Ingram Osteopaths runs a policy where if a patient fails to attend a booked session without giving prior notice that they will be subject to the full cost of the treatment, unless in exceptional circumstances.